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A free makeover?

Eva Cordel, image consultant in the French city Bordeaux, welcomes you in her private room for a whole free makeover. As prime complete makeover website in real time, Belooky is a unique opportunity to showcase your personality and strengths. A first step towards self-esteem in the personnel field as a professional!
The session follows the four major steps of a classical makeover session:

- The colorimetric test (draping method) (2 minutes),
- The study of the face’s morphology (4 minutes),
- The analysis of the silhouette (5 minutes),
- The inspection of the clothing style (5 minutes).

At the end of these four check-ups:

- you will know exactly what colors make you radiate,
- you will have learned how to make-up by yourself,
- you will know what cuts of clothing, materials and prints show you at your best: your best points will be magnified, the volumes rebalanced, the defects cleverly disguised; you will be able to sort, expand your wardrobe,
- you will know how to identify essential accessories for an outfit (glasses, shoes, belts, scarves, bathing suits, ties, underwear...),
- you will choose calmly haircut and hair color to the hairdresser.
Makeover, the most mediatised part of the image consultant’s job, is also the most spectacular. The client sees his image improved or transformed in a few hours, thanks to a haircut, the right clothes and makeup. The client is immediately highlighted. The purpose of a makeover is not to disguise a person, but to reveal it.